Welcome to the classical car world full of nostalgia.  

We are a big family who give an opportunity for the feeling of the passion with the local and foreigner, covering the entire world.   Although we might be difference in  language, nationality, thoughts, economy and character, however the American Cars that are our joint characteristic, within the unity and togetherness should bring us together in one line.

In this site, I am Papatya 54, I will share my knowledge, experience and works with you concerning the American cars whom I am involved with. While I will find you, you as well will find yourselves in every subject .

Spreading, introducing and to endear the classic cars passion, solving existing problems altogether and with ideas, trough acting together broadcasting to the wider masses is our main aim.

All kind of thoughts positively and negatively concerning our site that joined the imaginary world and your interpretations will improve us in a right way and   with your contribution; we will establish our place in the classic world.

If you are classic car pensioned please go on, namely click on the klasikarabalar.net

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